CI-Modul Irdeto Smit Professional 8CH

CI-Modul Irdeto Smit Professional 8CH
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CI-Modul  Irdeto Smit Professional 8CH

Product Description

    The CAM used on iDTV and STB with an operator authorized smart card gives access to Pay TV program (Consumer)
    The CAM used on Head-end device with an operator authorized smart card gives access to Pay TV program multiple program descrambling supported (Professional)
    CAS embedded officially certified product
    Support MPEG-2/MPEG-4/SD/HD/3D
    DVB-CI standard ISO/IEC EN50221
    CI Plus specification v1.2 (CI Plus)
    Widely compatibility tested with iDTV and STB models in the market


    Plug and Play
    CA Chipset Pairing (Advanced Secure)
    CA Menu and Message
    Parental Control
    Application MMI MHEG-5 script using CI Plus Browser (CI Plus)
    OTA software upgrade DVB SSU compliant


    SMiT 32-bit Secure SoC
    Flash Size:4M Bytes
    RAM Size: 384K Bytes
    64 PID/Section filters (Professional)
    Multi services descrambling up to 8 services descrambling (Professional)
    TS process bandwidth: Up to 96Mbps
    Common descrambling algorithm of DVB DVB-CSA1/2/3

Physical & Electrical Characteristics

    Dimensions: PCMCIA Type II
    Smartcard reader ISO7816 standard Class A and Class B
    Operation voltage: 4.5V ~ 5.5V
    Operation current: <150mA
    Power consumption: < 750mW

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