Smartcard Reader/programmer USB Smart

Smartcard Reader/programmer USB Smart
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Infinity USB Smart
wird von Dreamboxen unterstützt

funktioniert ähnlich wie der Smargo Reader, jedoch hat diese Variante ein USB Kabel und
ein Sockelgehäuse dazu.

New module based smartcard reader
The Infinity USB Smart is a new module based smartcard reader, with a new approach for ensuring a very high level of compatibility and functionality.

The core functionality is a phoenix/smartmouse interface, compatible with any Windows, Linux-based system or embedded Linux-based systems like DreamBox, Set-top boxes (STB) or other industrial controller.

This is just one of the features of the Infinity USB Smart. The module-based approach makes it possible to install new modules any other smartcard related functionality or standalone operation!

The innovative dome-shaped design with upright card insertion, makes one-hand operation possible while keeping a small footprint on the desk.

Driverless USB
Infinity USB Smart is connected to a PC using a single USB 2.0 connection (backwards compatible with USB 1.1). Since Infinity USB Smart is based on the HID standard, no custom drivers are needed, and installation is as easy as inserting the USB connector.

Up to 127 units can be installed on one single host (a PC or embedded system), and if needed a USB hub can be used to extend the number of USB connections on the host.

Phoenix/Smartmouse (VCP)
The core functionality of Infinity USB Smart is to provide Phoenix/Smartmouse compatibility through a virtual COMport (VCP). The VCP has been very thoroughly tested with most popular applications and cards. Setting up the VCP is done through the accompanying software, and all popular frequencies (3.58, 3.68 and 6.00MHz) and a boost mode can be selected.
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