IPTV Aurora TV - Indian IPTV Box 2Years

IPTV Aurora TV - Indian IPTV Box 2Years
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Aurora TV - Indian IPTV Box

Indian IPTV Box with hundreds of Indian TV Channels over IP Television with 2 Years Subscription:

Indian TV box is a high quality network media player providing entertainment (Channels / Movies) through internet TV Box on your Television via Third party apps. Aurora TV Box offer 500+channels from India Pakistan Afghanistan without the hassle of the dish. Enjoy all your favorite channels on our high quality hardware featuring the power of android operating system No installation required just connect the Aurora TV box to your WI-FI and enter the world of endless entertainment stable technology with friendly user interface 10000+ hours of VOD with all of your latest favorite Bollywood movies Now with our 7 days Catch-UP TV feature never miss any of you favorite program.This feature enables you to go in the past up to 7 days and watch any program of your choice Latest YouTube app Access all your favorite apps in the app store.

Click here [CHANEL-LIST] to see the Channels in AuroraTV IPTV Indian Box.
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